Ep. #8109

Season 33, Episode 10 -  Air Date: 4/8/2005
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Jill stops by Victor‘s office to ask about his plans to sue Jabot. He tells her that he is less likely to sue Jabot if they get rid of Brad. Jill returns to Jabot and informs Jack of her conversation with Victor. She feels they should let Brad go to save themselves from any lawsuit affecting the company. Jack is happy to let Brad go and finds it amusing that Brad would expect them to sacrifice Jabot for his sake.Michael assures Brad that he will serve as his lawyer. Michael tells Brad that they should send a letter to Victor stating that Brad is not in breach of his contract with Newman Enterprises. He tells Brad that his case would be a lot stronger if he had Jabot‘s backing.Ashley brings a dress for Olivia to wear home from the hospital. Neil assumes Dru will be moving back to Paris, but she surprises him and asks if she and Lily can move back into his apartment tonight.Nina is glad Tomas finished the pages his editor needed. She offers to read them, but Tomas tells her that he is