Ep. #7090

Season 28, Episode 245 -  Air Date: 3/13/2001
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Billy and Brittany are stunned when they see J.T. kiss Mac. Rianna tells Brittany she‘s not surprised since she heard J.T. and Mac have been dating for a while. Mac tells J.T. that kissing wasn‘t in the ground rules, but J.T. points out that it got the desired reaction out of Billy.Jill tries to convince Jack to break up with Phyllis now that his subterfuge is over.Ryan tells Victoria that he and Keith are on the same side now, but their efforts to convince Tricia to get help have backfired. Tricia calls Keith from Matt‘s apartment and tells him that she‘s already left town.Keith shares the news with Ryan and Victoria suggests they contact Megan to see if she knows of her sister‘s whereabouts.When Matt hears about Tricia‘s phone call to Keith, he warns her not to leave the apartment or call anyone else without telling him.Alex finds Malcolm brooding and he explains that Olivia is no longer allowing him to see Nate. Angry, Malcolm promises that Olivia isn‘t going to get away with i