Ep. #7089

Season 28, Episode 244 -  Air Date: 3/12/2001
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Victor embraces Nicholas, who promises Sharon they will get through this. Nick hopes he‘s out of jail before his troubles leak to the press and the children find out.Phyllis is happy that Jack has agreed to slip her some outdated Glow By Jabot information to help get Victoria off her back. She shows Victoria Jabot‘s plan for their spring break promotion. Phyllis is glad that Victoria‘s pleased with her sleuthing, claiming it‘s too risky for Phyllis to spy on Jack again.Paul wants to know why Isabella believes her estranged husband would send someone to hurt her, sensing that there‘s something in her story that doesn‘t fit. Isabella explains and tearfully asks Paul what she‘s going to do. Paul comes up with a plan to put her under surveillance.Matt isn‘t happy that Tricia not only let Ryan and Keith know they were leaving town, but may have mentioned that they were going to Indianapolis. He points out that it won‘t be that easy for them to disappear and convinces her that they should