Ep. #7087

Season 28, Episode 242 -  Air Date: 3/8/2001
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Matt fantasizes about kissing Sharon when he is with Tricia. Matt has to calm Tricia down after he tries to convince her that they should wait to leave town.Billy tells Jack that Brittany is paranoid about Mac. When Jack suggests that Brittany senses that Billy still has feelings for Mac, Billy insists that Jack is completely off-base.Phyllis walks in as Michael tells Chantal not to cancel his flight to Hong Kong just yet. Michael can‘t convince Phyllis that his trip would be strictly business. Phyllis is sure Michael is up to something.Rianna warns Mac that J.T. isn‘t trustworthy and suggests that Mac is dating him to drive Billy crazy.Mark is relieved to hear that the cops are on to Nick, and Mark won‘t have to risk jail time by telling the police that he witnessed the deal.Sharon calls John Silva to come talk to Nick, who still isn‘t convinced that he needs a lawyer. Nick wants to go with John to talk to the D.A., wanting to resolve the mess before anyone, especially Victor, fi