Ep. #7086

Season 28, Episode 241 -  Air Date: 3/7/2001
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Malcolm can‘t believe that Olivia is shutting him out of Nate‘s life and wonders how much Olivia really cares about her son. Malcolm threatens to tell Nate that Olivia has been keeping them apart, warning her that Nate will hate her.Nikki thinks going to Hong Kong may be Paul‘s best opportunity to find out if there is still life in his marriage.Matt tells Warton that he has to get Tricia away from Ryan and Keith. Meanwhile, Ryan and Keith try to convince Tricia that the new man in her life may not be looking out for her best interests.Ryan and Keith try to talk Tricia into a family session with the therapist. Ryan sets up an appointment, then realizes Tricia has left, escaping down the fire escape. Keith decides that when she returns, they‘ll force her to get the help she needs.Matt and Warton are starting to fight when Tricia rushes in and tells Matt that they have to leave town tonight.When Alex and Neil discuss their case with Victor, Alex warns Victor that they should be prepa