Ep. #7085

Season 28, Episode 240 -  Air Date: 3/6/2001
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Tricia refuses to give Keith the name of the man in her life because he made it clear that he never wanted to meet her father.Matt tells Warton that he may not leave town now that Jordan is dead. Warton guesses it‘s because Matt has an agenda with Sharon Newman.Malcolm accuses Olivia of telling lies to her own son and promises that she‘s not going to get away with it anymore. Olivia decides she‘s going to end all contact between Malcolm and Nate.Victor questions Victoria and Phyllis about their plan to have Phyllis spy on Jabot by having a relationship with Jack.Ashley is skeptical when Jack explains Phyllis‘ reluctance to follow through on the Newmans‘ demands that she use Jack to learn Jabot secrets. She‘s convinced Phyllis can‘t be trusted and pressures Jack to break up with her. Jack admits that he found information about Brash and Sassy‘s spring campaign at Phyllis‘, but he‘s worried about the fallout if they decide to use it.Victor tells Victoria to check out any information