Ep. #7084

Season 28, Episode 239 -  Air Date: 3/5/2001
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Detective Edmonds quizzes Sharon and Nick about the large quantity of Ecstasy found at Crimson Lights. Reluctantly, they agree to catch a later flight so that Nick can go to the station for questioning.Matt is packing his bag while Warton taunts him about blowing the deal. Cody comes by to tell him about the drugs found at the coffeehouse. Matt is relieved, but Warton reminds him that Tricia is still a loose cannon.Ashley and Jill share their suspicions that Bunny getting locked in the closet was no accident.Nate is thrilled when Malcolm shows up for the father/son event at school. Malcolm is steaming when he realizes that Olivia arranged for Neil to attend.Afterward, Malcolm thanks Neil for bowing out so he could have time with Nate. He acknowledges that Neil is not the enemy. Nate admits he got the impression from his mother that Malcolm didn‘t want to spend time with him.When Olivia seems more accepting of Alex‘s relationship with Malcolm, Alex questions her motives, wondering