Ep. #7083

Season 28, Episode 238 -  Air Date: 3/2/2001
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Nick and Sharon await their flight and agree that once they take off for the Caribbean all their troubles will disappear. Just as Nick and Sharon are about to board, Detective Edmonds stops them for questioning.Ashley desperately tries to locate Jack as Brad assures her that Jack is probably breaking up with Phyllis as they speak. Jill reveals to Ashley that Jack‘s initial intent with Phyllis was to use her for information but then fell under her spell.Diane sends a lab tech to Victor‘s office to draw blood for another paternity test to which Victor complies.Keith and Ryan meet to discuss Tricia, but Keith feels Ryan is taking the opportunity to attack his parenting. Ryan may have an idea to help Tricia, but tells Keith they will have to find the guy she‘s involved with first.Warton shows up at Matt‘s but Matt tells him that Nick‘s getting away. Tricia arrives, packed and ready to leave town, but Matt lays into her and tells her his plans may have changed.Jack, inwardly seething,