Ep. #7082

Season 28, Episode 237 -  Air Date: 3/1/2001
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Victoria is in high spirits due to their new campaign and is sure they will beat out the competition. Victoria also points out that Phyllis probably is very close to getting the inside scoop from Jack.Phyllis tries to tell Victoria that‘s not what their relationship is about, but Victoria expects results regardless.Nikki tells Jack that Victor wasn‘t too happy with what she did but assures Jack that she didn‘t mention his part in it.Raul lays into Mac about her new attitude. Rianna suspects something has changed between Billy and Mac. Rianna can‘t believe Mac would be on a real date with J.T. but Billy says he wouldn‘t be too sure of that.Billy probes Raul for information but Raul blows up and says he doesn‘t know anything and that Billy should just steer clear of Mac.J.T. confirms his date with Mac and they agree it‘s all about payback. Billy questions Mac‘s reasons for going out with J.T. Mac tells him to lighten up, realizing their plan might be working. After the memorial ser