Ep. #7081

Season 28, Episode 236 -  Air Date: 2/28/2001
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Sharon, Cody and Nick set up for the memorial wondering where Carter is. Nikki brings Cassie and Noah to the coffeehouse because Doris is picking them up before Nick and Sharon leave for their second honeymoon. Doris still can‘t help but feel there‘s something suspicious about Carter.Matt and Warton discuss the last details of their plan. Warton says he‘s going to see if the cops have searched the rented room yet. Matt thinks it‘s a bad idea, but Warton hangs up before he can convince him otherwise. Matt plants the coffee bag with the pills at the coffeehouse when he believes no one is watching. Matt stresses out when he hears that Nick and Sharon will be leaving right after the memorial.Phyllis wants to face Jack‘s family head on, but Jack isn‘t ready for such a confrontation.Ashley pulls an all-nighter with Abby, who the doctor suspects has colic.Billy thanks Mac for telling him and Brittany the pills were tainted. J.T. asks Mac if she has considered his proposition to help her m