Ep. #7080

Season 28, Episode 235 -  Air Date: 2/27/2001
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Brad reassures Ashley that Jack‘s affair with Phyllis is probably purely physical and therefore has no lasting power. Ashley can‘t help but think that Phyllis is the kiss of death for Jack but Brad wants to enjoy their day and end all discussions of Jack and Phyllis.Phyllis admits to Jack that she locked Bunny in the closet as Jack tries to stand firm that what she did was wrong. Unable to resist Phyllis‘ charm and sex appeal, they end up in a passionate kiss.Tricia wants Matt to meet her father but he has too much going on right now and promises to meet him later.Keith wonders why Ryan can‘t just leave Tricia alone just as Tricia comes home to find Keith and Ryan waiting. She tells them she is leaving town in a day or two and has had enough of their bickering. Ryan suggests he and Keith work together in trying to help Tricia.Warton tells the D.A. that he had a run in with a guy in Milwaukee trying to sell him ""X"" that claimed he lived in Genoa City. Matt and Warton breath a little