Ep. #7079

Season 28, Episode 234 -  Air Date: 2/26/2001
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Victor tells Victoria that Nikki confessed to switching the samples and that makes her as guilty as Diane.Nikki informs Kay that she was the one who made the switch. Kay admits she understands Victor‘s reasons for being angry and suggests that maybe Nikki has her own doubts. Nikki can‘t help but wonder how the baby‘s life will be affected.Bunny tries to explain how she got locked in the closet but is good-humored about it. Phyllis and Bunny meet as Phyllis excuses herself from the party. Later an angry Jack arrives on Phyllis‘ doorstep.Nick offers to set up a memorial for Jordan so the grieving teens can gather and talk about what happened with counselors and their peers.Tricia comforts Matt, believing that he‘s upset about Jordan. After Tricia leaves, Matt calls Warton and delivers the news of Jordan‘s death. Warton is not happy with the turn of events but Matt reminds him that they‘re in it together.Detective Edmonds questions Mark about what happened at the rave and mentions Cr