Ep. #7078

Season 28, Episode 233 -  Air Date: 2/23/2001
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Matt attaches Jordan‘s heart sensors to his own chest, then shuts off the respirator. He tells the lifeless Jordan that he‘s sorry, then pulls the sensors off his chest and slips out as the doctors rush in to try to revive Jordan.Brittany tells Billy that she‘s tired of the way Billy always takes Mac‘s side.At the reception, Jack is wondering where Bunny could be when Phyllis shows up at the door. Ashley is less than thrilled when Phyllis joins the festivities and starts cooing over the baby. Ashley tells Jack that she wants Phyllis gone ASAP! Jack assures Brad that Phyllis will go when Bunny arrives. Phyllis is all innocence when Bunny explains that she‘s late because she somehow was locked in the cloakroom until the minister let her out.The doctor tells Nick and Sharon that their friend didn‘t make it, explaining that doing street drugs is like playing Russian roulette.Tricia attacks Matt for the way he treated her at the hospital until she realizes he is shaken and tearful.Afte