Ep. #7076

Season 28, Episode 231 -  Air Date: 2/21/2001
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Victoria questions Victor about why he‘s so determined to find out who switched the sperm samples...and what he intends to do to the person responsible.Sharon and Nick ask Mac about the kids who were hospitalized after the rave.A nurse is at Jordan‘s bedside as he mutters in his delirium about Crimson Lights and Nick. Matt overhears an officer commenting that Jordan may have been the one who sold the drugs at the rave. Jordan‘s doctor tells the police that he believes Jordan will pull through, but there‘s no telling yet about long-term damage. Matt reacts when he hears that the doctor will let the police question Jordan in a couple of hours.Tricia agrees with Keith‘s suggestion that she file for divorce and leave Genoa City, but tells him she‘s moving to Indianapolis with a friend, not back to London with him.Victoria asks Nikki how well she covered her tracks. She advises Nikki to tell Victor the truth before he finds out from someone else.Paul tells Victor that he‘s hit a dead e