Ep. #7075

Season 28, Episode 230 -  Air Date: 2/20/2001
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As Ashley gets ready for the christening, she is pleased when Brad tells her that the adoption papers have arrived. Ashley is determined to help Jack find Ms. Right and doesn‘t want Phyllis to get in the way.Phyllis tells Malcolm that she‘s going to the christening to check out Jack‘s date.Billy covers when John asks if he knew anyone who went to the rave. Billy and Brittany decide on an alibi.Warton tells Matt that twenty-five partygoers are still hospitalized and warns him that Jordan won‘t keep his mouth shut about Matt‘s role in the drug deal.Victoria tells Nikki that she and Ryan had an ugly run-in with Keith Dennison. Nikki confesses to Victoria that she is the one who switched Victor‘s sperm sample. They speculate about how Victor would react to the news.Paul fills Victor in on his investigation into who orchestrated the switch. He admits that he‘s stumped so far, but wonders if an enemy of Diane‘s, rather than Victor‘s, could be responsible.Kay isn‘t happy when Jill revea