Ep. #7074

Season 28, Episode 229 -  Air Date: 2/19/2001
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Mac is alarmed when J.T. tells her that he sold the pills to Brittany, who is trying to convince a reluctant to Billy to take Ecstacy with her. Mac is desperate to find Brittany and Billy in the crowd and tries to convince J.T. to help her.Mark and Sara help Jordan, who is in very bad shape, out of the main room. They realize Jordan is burning up with fever and call 911.Mac rushes to Brittany and Billy and asks if they took the Ecstacy J.T. sold them, explaining that there‘s something wrong with the pills.Tricia tells Matt that they have to leave town immediately. Matt tries to calm her down. He tells her that leaving early is not an option.Keith is livid when he catches Ryan and Victoria kissing. Despite Ryan‘s efforts to explain Tricia‘s problems, Keith blasts Ryan, insisting that the sooner he‘s out of Tricia‘s life, the better off his daughter will be.Kay is still trying to plan a birthday bash for Mac, but Nikki wonders if Mac really wants a party.At Crimson Lights, Brittany