Ep. #7073

Season 28, Episode 228 -  Air Date: 2/16/2001
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Matt and Larry discuss the seriousness of the situation and resolve to stop the kids from taking the pills. They try unsuccessfully to locate the rave and later give up.Mac and J.T. head into the rave, Mac still resolved to locate Billy. Billy sees Mac is there with J.T. and gets angry when they appear to be getting closer. J.T. asks Mac to try some ""X"" but she refuses.Billy confronts Mac asking what the hell she‘s doing there. Brittany realizes J.T. has two hits of ""X"" that he wants to unload. Brittany offers Billy ""X.""Ashley tells Jack she‘s setting him up with Bunny Hutchinson and he reluctantly agrees to escort her to the christening.Later, still preoccupied with the thought of Jack‘s mystery lady, Ashley wonders who has got such a hold on her brother.Victoria suggests hiring a private detective to find out who Tricia has been seeing, but Ryan is hesitant. She then suggests they put in a call to Keith. Keith questions Tricia about her marriage and she confesses that she and Ry