Ep. #7072

Season 28, Episode 227 -  Air Date: 2/15/2001
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Victor comes home to a dark and empty apartment and can‘t believe Diane‘s gone. Nikki calls to tell Nick the good news - Diane has left town. Victor tells Paul he still wants to pursue finding out who switched the sperm samples in case Diane returns.Billy questions Raul to find out if Mac really isn‘t going to the rave. Raul and Billy tell J.T. that Mac has decided not to go with him to the rave but he thinks otherwise.Mac lays into Billy and tells him that she‘s finally over him. After overhearing J.T. say that it makes Billy crazy to see Mac with him, Mac begins to rethink her decision about not going to the rave.At the rave, Brittany heads over to where some kids are buying ""X"" and makes a purchase behind Billy‘s back.Ryan wants to discuss some things with Tricia, but she puts him off. Ryan tells Victoria that he suspects Tricia has a new man in her life and wants to check him out.Matt tells Tricia to stop doubting herself and she says he‘s the best thing that‘s happened to her