Ep. #7071

Season 28, Episode 226 -  Air Date: 2/14/2001
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Nikki warns Nick to be on guard, because Leanna Love is on the prowl. Victor asks Diane where she is going and wonders if it‘s another one of her tricks. Diane tells Victor that her change of heart came because of their son. Diane claims that even though she‘s leaving town, the paternity issue isn‘t over in her eyes.Nikki is relieved to learn of Diane‘s decision.Brittany spreads the news that she and Billy are in love and boasts about their matching bracelets.Rianna tells Raul that Mac stayed home sick today as Brittany eavesdrops. Rianna and Raul exchange Valentine‘s Day gifts.Nina tells Phillip that the producers want her to stay in Los Angeles for a while. Nina says she would like him to move out too, but Phillip resists. Nina asks Paul to watch over Phillip, who will be staying with Jill for a while.Sharon tells Matt that she understands why he‘d want to take the coaching job. Matt is glad there are no hard feelings, because he considers Sharon a friend.Jordan overhears Matt