Ep. #7070

Season 28, Episode 225 -  Air Date: 2/13/2001
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Victor finds out that Diane is going to stay and fight his demands. He tells Nick that he will get ready legally for Diane‘s decision and heads off to kick her out of his house. Michael suggests to Diane that Leanna Love is hardly an objective source of advice, because she is merely out for herself. He delivers Victor‘s message to Diane with a hint of his own warning and concern.While Sharon and Cassie are at the ranch visiting Nikki, she gets news that Leanna is at the gates vowing not to leave until someone speaks with her.Nikki makes a formal statement to Leanna and says she hopes that the media will behave responsibly for the sake of the children.John asks Billy how things turned out last night with Brittany but Billy doesn‘t answer. Jack asks what Billy‘s argument with Brittany was about, but Billy says he handled it.Later Brittany gives Billy a silver bracelet that matches the one she wears. She is glad they made love and tells Billy that Mac will see how happy they are and f