Ep. #7069

Season 28, Episode 224 -  Air Date: 2/12/2001
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Lynne tells Victor that Paul is out of town on a case.Brad informs Ashley that the adoption hearing is early next week. Ashley and Brad discuss setting up Jack with a more suitable woman to take to Abby‘s christening than his mystery woman.Jill knows who the mystery woman in Jack‘s life is, but refuses to share the information with Ashley and Brad. Jill will admit that they better enlist a serious knockout in order to compete.Phyllis wonders why Jack wants to continue to keep their relationship a secret. Jack mentions Ashley‘s set up idea and the fact that his family has trust issues where Phyllis is concerned. Phyllis realizes he‘s right and they need to be careful.Jack is tempted to look at a Newman Enterprises folder after Phyllis goes to take a shower.Mac is deeply hurt and drops her tray after noticing the opal ring on Brittany‘s finger. Brittany senses the tension and pointedly asks Billy what is going on.Raul helps Mac clean up the mess and she falls in his arms weeping.L