Ep. #7068

Season 28, Episode 223 -  Air Date: 2/9/2001
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Ashley intervenes as Diane goes after Nikki with a letter opener.Malcolm and Alex are seated at the Colonnade Room, unaware that Neil and Olivia have arrived to meet Mamie at the same restaurant. Malcolm spots the other couple as he and Alex dance.He‘s disappointed when Alex gets called back to the office and their evening is cut short.Brad tells Ashley that he‘ll go along with it if she wants Jack to be Abby‘s godfather. Ashley explains that she‘s decided to ask Neil and Brad wonders if Olivia suggested the choice so she could spend more time with him.Victor is stunned when Nikki tells him that Diane physically attacked her. He is sure that even though the baby isn‘t his, Diane will continue the battle because there‘s something she wants from him.After Phyllis and Jack spend a passionate evening together, Phyllis wants to take their relationship public, but Jack‘s not so sure.J.T. gives Mac some fashion tips about what to wear to the rave. Brittany is blown away when Raul tells