Ep. #7067

Season 28, Episode 222 -  Air Date: 2/8/2001
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Brandishing a letter opener, Diane assures Nikki that she‘s not going anywhere until she gets some answers.Olivia happily accepts when Ashley asks her to be Abby‘s godmother. She suggests that Ashley ask Neil to be the baby‘s godfather.Ryan admits that Victoria‘s perception of Tricia‘s stability - or lack thereof - may be more accurate than his after all. Ryan decides that it‘s time to get Keith involved.Alex appreciates Malcolm‘s efforts, but turns him down for a date. Malcolm suspects that Neil has something to do with her reluctance to go out with him and wants to know where they really stand.Tricia promises Matt that she revealed nothing about their relationship when she told Ryan that she‘s moving on with her life.Diane accuses Nikki of stealing the sperm and switching the samples. Nikki insists that it was Diane who broke the law. Diane lunges at Nikki and a fight ensues.Victor tells Neil that he considered terminating Alex because of the obvious tension between the two of