Ep. #7065

Season 28, Episode 220 -  Air Date: 2/6/2001
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Nick tells Victor about his upcoming vacation with Sharon, but their conversation becomes tense when Victor asks about expansion plans for the coffeehouse.Malcolm wakes Phyllis, reminding her that she crashed in his office after drinking champagne and spending hours telling him how wonderful Jack is. Phyllis asks Malcolm how things are going with Alex and comes up with a plan to convince her to go on a date with him.Olivia asks Mamie to invite Neil and her out to dinner - and then not show up. At first, Mamie is skeptical of Olivia‘s plan to manipulate Neil into an evening alone, but ultimately she goes along with Olivia.Diane tells Michael about Victor‘s ultimatum and asks if Victor could really have her tossed into jail. Diane is panicked when Michael suggests it‘s unlikely that Victor would tamper with the test results, then offer to submit to another blood test. He asks her if there‘s any way that the sperm used to impregnate her wasn‘t Victor‘s.Neil surprises Alex by supportin