Ep. #7064

Season 28, Episode 219 -  Air Date: 2/5/2001
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Nick rings up Jordan‘s coffee purchase, unaware that he is selling him the concealed Ecstasy pills. When Matt confronts Warton about not following orders in their scheme to frame Nick, Warton pins Matt against the wall.Jack gets annoyed with Jill‘s belief that he‘s fallen for Phyllis‘ charms. He insists that he is in control of the relationship.Diane tries to stand up to Victor, but he insists that she has one week to leave town or face criminal charges. Diane promises Marissa that she‘s not going to leave without a fight.Mac agrees to go to the rave with J.T. on two conditions: no drugs, and no one‘s to know that she‘s going with him. Billy sees them shaking on the deal, then tries to find out what they just agreed to.Phyllis shows up at Malcolm‘s studio with a bottle of champagne. Malcolm doesn‘t understand why she‘s there to toast her relationship with Jack, and not at Jack‘s place.Sharon thinks Nick should report Warton‘s attack on Matt to his parole officer.Victoria senses t