Ep. #7063

Season 28, Episode 218 -  Air Date: 2/2/2001
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Victor assures Diane that there is no mistake in the results. Brad informs Ashley that Victor isn‘t the father of Diane‘s baby after all. Diane accuses Victor of altering the tests. Victor is enraged by her accusations and gives her only one option: to leave town once and for all.Brad‘s constant probing into the paternity issue makes Ashley uncomfortable. Matt calls Nick at home and gets his answering machine. When Nick hears the urgency in Matt‘s voice he finally picks up and Matt tells him there‘s a problem with Warton at the coffeehouse.As Nick arrives at the coffeehouse Matt and Warton argue and Matt gets an unplanned punch in the mouth from Warton. Nick throws Warton out and tells him never to come back. Nick waits around while Matt recovers from the punch and Matt waits for Jordan to return.A short while later, Jordan orders the Tiedtke‘s Extra Special coffee and makes the deal with unsuspecting Nick.Mac tells Phillip he can help with the music for her birthday party. Later,