Ep. #7062

Season 28, Episode 217 -  Air Date: 2/1/2001
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John Silva tells Victor that he‘s come across some interesting precedents concerning the paternity results. Victor tells Silva he isn‘t seeking revenge and does not want Diane‘s baby to suffer.Nikki tells Brad the news about Diane‘s baby. He questions how something like this could happen and wonders if it was intentional.Although Michael taunts Phyllis about running off to Jack‘s, she kisses Michael goodbye.Sharon comes home to a surprise vacation planning evening with Nick.Matt tries to set up the deal with Jordan only to find out Nick has postponed the inventory and has gone home. Matt and Warton talk about a new plan as Jordan waits.Victoria expects a little acknowledgement from Ryan for not bringing up Tricia and admits to overstepping bounds by calling Keith. Victoria promises to stay out of it from now on.Ryan gets a return call from Tricia‘s therapist, who informs him that he cannot share information with Ryan anymore per Tricia‘s request. Victoria suggests that all of thi