Ep. #7061

Season 28, Episode 216 -  Air Date: 1/31/2001
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Nikki questions when Victor is going to tell Diane about the paternity test results. Justin, from the lab, doesn‘t have an explanation as to what happened with the sperm delivery, but assures Victor that the clinic is reputable. Victor wonders why Nikki isn‘t as interested in finding out what happened as he is.Since seeing Little Jack with Nikki, Jack swears to be the best uncle to Abby. Ashley wonders who the mysterious woman in Jack‘s life is.Michael wants to know what is going on with Phyllis and Jack. Phyllis she admits that things are moving slowly because of trust issues. Phyllis tells Michael that she has a soft spot for Jack and doesn‘t like that feeling of vulnerability.Sharon walks in on Nick and Cody mentioning her name and wants to know what‘s up. Nick says they have put off inventory until tomorrow, which would foil Matt‘s plan for the drug deal to go down. While Cody distracts Sharon, Nick says he‘ll see her at home in an hour and takes off.Tricia invites Matt to dinn