Ep. #7060

Season 28, Episode 215 -  Air Date: 1/30/2001
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Victor announces that the test results were negative and baby Christian is not his son. The family is thrilled by the news and Victoria asks to be there when he breaks it to Diane. Victor reminds them all that the mystery still exists of who the father is and tells Victoria he‘ll tell Diane alone.As everyone begins to leave, Victor asks Nikki to stay behind and she thanks him for including her in his announcement. Victor still wonders what could have really happened to the sperm sample. Nikki thinks it might have been his guardian angel.Alex apologizes for expecting Neil to run on her schedule and suggests they develop a more productive working relationship. Neil wonders what brought about her change of attitude and she admits it was a talk she had with Malcolm. Neil is furious that she would go to Malcolm for advice on him.Still agitated by the confrontation with Diane, Phyllis asks Michael if he‘s still involved with Diane. Michael assures her that he‘s not involved with Diane nor