Ep. #7059

Season 28, Episode 214 -  Air Date: 1/29/2001
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Nick admits to Victoria that Sharon‘s drunken evening with Carter still bothers him. Victoria tells him to cut his ""perfect"" wife some slack adding that everyone makes mistakes.Victor promises himself that Diane will pay for what she‘s put him through. Victor calls Nick, Victoria, and Nikki to his office and says he wanted them to be the first to hear the paternity test results.Mac tells Brittany that Billy shouldn‘t be around drugs and that Brittany should be concerned. Brittany thinks Mac should butt out, but Mac calls Brittany a spoiled little brat. Mac and Brittany‘s argument escalates to a shoving match just as Raul breaks it up.Mac asks for Raul‘s help in stopping Billy from going to the rave, but he only wants to stay out of it.Malcolm says Alex can trust him and offers to help with her problems with Neil. Ashley extends an invitation to Neil...and Olivia for dinner.Tomas tells Nina that he will not be going with her to Los Angeles. Nina suggests they ask to postpone the tr