Ep. #7058

Season 28, Episode 213 -  Air Date: 1/26/2001
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Victor is irritated, but Nikki reminds him that not long ago, she desperately wanted to have his baby. Victor refuses to put Diane and Nikki in the same category. He‘s grateful for Nikki‘s support and concerned about the impact on his family if Diane‘s baby is indeed his.They agree that they feel sorry for the baby having Diane for a mother and being brought into the world under such circumstances.Nikki wonders what would have happened if they‘d had another child together. Victor touches her cheek.Brittany is annoyed that Billy is going to talk to Mac, and leaves. Mac is concerned that Billy won‘t be able to resist the drugs and alcohol at the rave. Billy insists that he doesn‘t need Mac looking out for him, but Mac pleads with him not to go to the rave.Neil tells Ryan that he had a good time at the concert with Olivia, but locks horns with Alex over being unavailable for her business question. Neil denies being even remotely interested in Alex and tells Ryan that Malcolm is just t