Ep. #7057

Season 28, Episode 212 -  Air Date: 1/25/2001
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Diane invites the minister over to plan the baby‘s christening, but he leaves when Victor points out that it would be premature to do so. Victor gets a call that the results of the paternity test will be ready this afternoon.Brittany suggests that they get Mac‘s mind off Billy by trying to find her another guy. Billy isn‘t sure that‘s a good idea. Tricia tells Matt that he was a little too rough last night.Matt is irritated with Tricia‘s skittishness, and tells her that if she stills wants them to leave town together, he can work it out.Jill is delighted to have Phillip staying with her and points out to Kay that she finally has someone on her side.Kay wants to plan Mac‘s belated birthday bash but is curious when Mac nixes a particular weekend, unaware that Mac is concerned about the rave.Nina‘s upset that Tomas faxed his revisions to Harvey without giving her a chance to see them first. She reminds him that they‘re supposed to be collaborating. Tomas takes a call from Leslie Moon