Ep. #7056

Season 28, Episode 211 -  Air Date: 1/24/2001
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Sharon starts to feel woozy, and Matt helps her to the couch. With a lascivious smile, he locks the door and starts to unbuckle his belt. He is unbuttoning Sharon‘s blouse when he hears a car.Nick comes home to find Sharon out of it, presumably from the margaritas. Nick helps her to bed.Victoria returns and is surprised to hear about Sharon, pointing out that the drinks didn‘t seem that strong. Phyllis insists thatMichael misses Chris like crazy but is in denial -- and afraid of getting his hopes up. Michael is sure Chris and Paul‘s marriage will weather this storm and be stronger than ever.Mary tells Paul he just doesn‘t want to face the truth that Chris has abandoned him. Paul is furious and orders her out. Mary then takes her rage out on Michael, insisting that Chris is tossing aside her husband for a miserable law practice with Michael.Billy and Brittany spot Jordan and ask him for more information about the rave. Brittany tries to convince Rianna to go with them, but she‘s he