Ep. #7055

Season 28, Episode 210 -  Air Date: 1/23/2001
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Nikki invites Jack to dinner, insisting that she needs him there because of their talk about the baby they lost. After they eat, the doorbell rings. Nikki introduces Suzanne Cook and her 7-year-old son, Jack, the boy who received their baby‘s heart.Sharon asks Matt to reconsider their offer for him to run their new coffeehouse. Matt notices their drinks are gone and takes Sharon‘s glass to make more margaritas.Victoria stops by and Matt has to keep her from sampling Sharon‘s drink, which he has drugged. Victoria wonders how much she can trust Matt, noting that he didn‘t back up her story when he talked to Ryan about Tricia.Tomas becomes increasingly edgy as he and Nina work on ideas for the screenplay together.Kay wonders about Jill‘s real agenda in having Phillip stay with her. Jill accuses Kay of always assuming the worst.Paul confronts his mother over her negative comments about Chris. Mary insists that it‘s time for Paul to face the facts about his marriage; in Chris‘ mind, th