Ep. #7054

Season 28, Episode 209 -  Air Date: 1/22/2001
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Jill tries to talk to Jack about her relationship with Billy, but Jack refuses to be the middle man between mother and son. Angry, Jill tells Jack that he‘ll never know what it‘s like to have a child. Jill‘s words leave Jack in a mood, and he later points out to Nikki that their son would been seven now if he had lived.When Nina explains that she and Tomas are working on a screenplay together and she‘s looking for someplace for Phillip to stay, Jill is delighted with the idea of having him stay with her. Nina is stung when Tomas accuses her of ignoring her son because of her work. Tomas feels terrible that he is taking out his feelings of inadequacy as a writer out on Nina. She is almost ready to quit, but they are able to work together on some ideas for the screenplay so they can meet their deadline.After Mary finds out that Chris will be gone for months, Paul overhears her telling Lynne that what Chris has done is unforgivable.Matt arrives early for dinner. Sharon wants to wait un