Ep. #7052

Season 28, Episode 207 -  Air Date: 1/18/2001
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Neil decides to stay home instead of having to be around Alex, but warns Ryan that Victoria has been talking about Tricia again. Victoria tells Keith Dennison‘s secretary that it is urgent she speak with him.Believing that Neil told Ryan of her intentions, Victoria spills the beans to an unsuspecting Ryan. Victoria hasn‘t done anything yet but thinks it would be good for Tricia to go to London. Victoria gets a call from Keith while Ryan is there.Matt takes Tricia to his place and she thanks him for saving her life. Tricia wants to leave town for a while but Matt can‘t leave right now.Victor tells Diane that the appointment has been changed and that they will need to leave soon. Diane doesn‘t want to leave, knowing that it will ruin her plan with Leanna.Silva tells Victor that if the paternity tests are positive then he will have custody rights and they will have to prove Diane unfit. Leanna is furious and demands to know what happened earlier.Meanwhile, Victor is excited that his