Ep. #7051

Season 28, Episode 206 -  Air Date: 1/17/2001
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Leanna pays Diane a visit, but Diane reminds her of their agreement and refuses to let her in. Instead, they makes plans for Leanna to catch Diane and the baby outside the following day.Hoping to show Mac their differences, Billy expresses interest in attending a rave with Brittany. Later, Billy tells Jack about part of his plan and Jack wonders who Billy is trying to convince of their incompatibility, Mac or himself.Kay wonders if it isn‘t time to move on since Billy has.Matt is horrified to find Tricia standing on the ledge of the window and quickly pulls her back inside. Tricia does not think anyone would miss her if she did jump. She goes on to tell Matt all about the night that Tony died and her possible part in it.Victoria tells Neil she‘s glad Ryan has decided to live with him instead of at the ranch. Victoria asks Neil‘s help in showing Ryan how unstable and dangerous Tricia is, but Neil doesn‘t want to be a part of it. She puts in a call to Keith Dennison.Ashley delights