Ep. #7050

Season 28, Episode 205 -  Air Date: 1/16/2001
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Mac tells Billy they should stop playing games. She admits to knowing the reason he changed his mind about the volunteer work. Billy does not think it is a good idea to even try being friends now. Mac doesn‘t understand why.Ashley gives Brad the good news about the doctor giving them the green light on intimacy. Ashley arrives home to find Brad has a treasure hunt waiting for her with surprises all around. Nikki questions Jack about the father of Ashley‘s baby but he tells her there‘s nothing to be suspicious of.After Nikki tells Jack that Diane had her baby, he decides to send Victor congratulatory flowers.Matt arrives at the coffeehouse just in time to stop Jordan‘s conversation with Nick. Before too much is said, Matt is able to cover and later smoothes things over with Jordan. Nick praises Carter for handling Jordan with great skill and pushes him to accept the management position. Nick then says that they shouldn‘t get involved in letting Jordan put up flyers promoting a rave.