Ep. #7049

Season 28, Episode 204 -  Air Date: 1/15/2001
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Diane tells Sharon, Nick, and Victoria that she named the baby Christian Victor Newman. Victoria is giving Diane a hard time just as Victor walks in and tells her to back off. While alone, Victoria tells Victor they need a strategy not just a paternity test and then leaves for the office. Diane tells Victor they should not discuss each other‘s wants until after the results of the paternity test are in.Nina tells Harvey that she is uncomfortable with someone else handling her book and wants Tomas to collaborate with the screenwriter. Harvey resists, but Nina begs him to give Tomas a chance and explains that Tomas is the reason she was able to produce this book. Harvey agrees to put both their names on the contract.Meanwhile, Tomas tells Paul that he resents Nina‘s success and feels out of control.Nikki brings up the birth of Diane‘s baby. Ashley asks Brad to clue Jill in on the news and later returns to the meeting with hopes the conversation has ended. Jill and Nikki can‘t drop the