Ep. #7048

Season 28, Episode 203 -  Air Date: 1/12/2001
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Ashley is concerned that Jack might see the announcement they are required to publish as part of the adoption procedure, because he still believes Christian is Abby‘s biological father and would contact him immediately. Brad tries to assure her that jack isn‘t likely to see it. Ashley shows Brad the newspaper announcement about the birth of a Newman heir.Nick and Victoria agree that Nikki seems almost too calm about Diane‘s baby. When Michael hears that Victor wants a paternity test, he offers to help Diane find an attorney, but Diane is ready to put Victor‘s doubts to rest.Paul tries to reassure Nina that Tomas‘ pride in her will help him deal with his disappointment. He wonders if Nina is afraid Tomas is drinking and offers to go see him.Nate begs Malcolm to join Olivia and him for their weekend plans. Olivia nixes the idea and Malcolm accuses her of being unfair to Nate. Olivia tells Nate that Malcolm won‘t be joining them and that he shouldn‘t call Malcolm without permission.Ol