Ep. #7047

Season 28, Episode 202 -  Air Date: 1/11/2001
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Victor brings in a technician to begin the process of the paternity test. Diane protests, then realizes Victor will think she has something to hide if she doesn‘t agree to it. Victor hands her the forms authorizing the test.Nick and Sharon‘s plan for romance is interrupted by a visit from Nikki. She tells them about Diane‘s baby and warns them to watch out for nosy reporters. Nick and Sharon note how well Nikki is handling the news.When Nate asks Olivia if he can see Malcolm, Olivia tries unsuccessfully to convince him to make plans with Neil and her. Mamie questions Olivia‘s motives for pushing Neil‘s relationship with Nate and suggests that she should be grateful that Malcolm wants to be a part of Nate‘s life. Mamie adds that if Olivia tries to force the relationship, Nate could wind up hating Neil and Olivia.Nina then breaks it to Tomas that her book is going to be made into a movie instead of his. Tomas congratulates her, but is heartbroken. He insists on dealing with his disapp