Ep. #7046

Season 28, Episode 201 -  Air Date: 1/10/2001
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Terrence intervenes and calls for the security guards when Leanna and her cameraman head to the nursery to get a shot of the Newman baby.Mac tells Raul and Rianna that Billy decided not to volunteer at the shelter after all, and Mac is baffled by his decision. Rianna tells Mac that she‘s sure there‘s a logical explanation as to why he changed his mind. Rianna tells Raul she thinks that Mac still has feelings for Billy.Victor holds the baby briefly, then hands him back to Diane. As they hear Leanna carrying on as she is lead away, Victor questions Diane regarding any contact she has had with Leanna. Diane changes the subject and tries to get Victor to stay while she nurses the baby. She looks up and he is gone.Neil tries to defend his brother to Olivia. Neil is frustrated when Malcolm refuses to talk to him. Alex and Neil lock horns about the next step in their case and question each others motives.Later, she meets Malcolm at Gina‘s. They decide not to discuss their problems and hea