Ep. #7045

Season 28, Episode 200 -  Air Date: 1/9/2001
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Raul tells Billy that the only reason he wants to help out at the shelter is to hook up with Mac. Billy tells Raul he‘s off base, but Raul explains that Mac still has feelings for Billy. He‘s sure that if Mac and Billy are working together at the shelter, Mac will only get hurt again.Meanwhile, Mac assures Ned that she‘s comfortable with Billy working at the shelter. She fantasizes about reconciling with Billy while they work together.Glad that he‘s finally leaving Tricia, Victoria tries to convince Ryan to move into the tack room.Desperate to keep Tomas from seeing Harvey, Nina tells him she‘ll talk to him later at the coffeehouse. Harvey tells Nina that while he admires Tomas‘ talent, Nina‘s book is the property he wants to translate to the big screen. Nina needs time to think, and Harvey suspects that she‘s had another offer.When Michael comes to the apartment to get Diane‘s overnight bag, he informs Victor that Diane is at the hospital and has given birth to Victor‘s son. Diane