Ep. #7043

Season 28, Episode 198 -  Air Date: 1/5/2001
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At the coffeehouse, Mac sees Billy and remembers the kiss she gave him on New Year‘s Eve. He congratulates her on a great job on the webcast, sharing a new warmth between them. Brittany arrives to cancel her day plans with Billy, but they decide to meet later. Raul asks Mac if anything happened after the New Year‘s Eve event, but she doesn‘t mention the kiss.Rianna convinces a doctor to fit in a still sick Raul for an immediate appointment. Billy asks Mac if she‘d mind him working at the shelter. She doesn‘t think it will be a problem.Ryan tells Nina that he‘s sure Tricia is having an affair. Nina says that it‘s believable because Tricia is so needy. Tricia calls Matt to come by her apartment and tells him that Ryan knows. Matt needs to know if Tricia mentioned his name but she says he‘s safe. Just as Ryan is putting the key in the door, Tricia admits to Matt that she still loves Ryan and him to help save her marriage.Marissa is shocked to see Diane back and hands her a letter of re