Ep. #7042

Season 28, Episode 197 -  Air Date: 1/4/2001
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Nina stops by Ryan‘s to pick up Phillip‘s gloves, but Ryan seems preoccupied. Ryan asks Nina if she‘s seen Tricia around lately, but Nina assures him she‘s not keeping any secrets. Later, when Ryan grills Tricia about her night she explains that she had merely gone to a party. Ryan is sure she‘s lying and presses with more questions. She tells him that if she were cheating on him it is only because he drove her to it.Victoria shares the news with Neil about the number of hits Brash & Sassy received and includes a note of concern for Ryan. After Ryan calls in to excuse himself from work, Neil offers to attend the shoot with Victoria.Phyllis notices that Malcolm is distracted when she enters with the contest winner, Angie. The shoot and live feed begin as Victoria and Neil look on. After the shoot, Neil asks Malcolm to talk to him but instead Malcolm leaves. Phyllis offers to help ease the tension between brothers, but Neil wants her to stay out of it.Alex helps Cassie with a history