Ep. #7039

Season 28, Episode 194 -  Air Date: 12/29/2000
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While Mac works on the website, Jack, Brittany and Billy wish her a happy birthday. Mac admits to Raul that she‘s nervous about running the webcast. Brittany shows Mac the necklace that Billy gave her, but Mac senses that Brittany is insecure where Billy is concerned and is trying too hard to prove otherwise. The Glow by Jabot contest winners join the group.Victor has microphones installed throughout the apartment so he‘ll know what‘s going on with Diane. He assures Victoria that he won‘t let Diane get away with anything. Diane tells Hope that they have something in common and explains that she‘s pregnant with Victor Newman‘s child. She asks about Victor‘s relationship with Hope‘s son. Hope‘s comments convince Diane that Victor can‘t walk away from any of his children, and he won‘t turn away from this one.Nina tells Tomas that she loves him, but is concerned that he can‘t express his emotions to her, and good communication is such an important part of marriage. Tomas opens up and tel