Ep. #7038

Season 28, Episode 193 -  Air Date: 12/28/2000
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Victor tells Paul about Diane‘s sudden departure and that he‘s determined to find out what she‘s up to. Paul agrees to refer Victor to someone who can install a surveillance system in the apartment before Diane returns.Diane strikes up a conversation with Hope, but Hope bristles when Diane starts asking her questions about Victor, and about Hope‘s son.Jill isn‘t happy about Jack‘s decision to hire Mac as the webmaster for the Glow by Jabot New Year‘s Eve webcast. Mac doesn‘t seem to completely buy Brittany‘s boasting about how far her relationship with Billy has gone.Nina is surprised when Chris tells her that she is thinking about getting pregnant on her trip. Tomas questions Nina about his marriage proposal, to which she has yet to respond.Phyllis and Malcolm agree to meet after they finish working on New Year‘s Eve.