Ep. #7037

Season 28, Episode 192 -  Air Date: 12/27/2000
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Phyllis tries to pry information about the Glow House out of Brittany, reminding her that she knows the truth about Brittany‘s little stunt last summer.Chris tells Michael about the maternity dress incident, and asks Michael if he agrees with Paul‘s opinion that she has become controlling. Chris reveals that she is considering getting pregnant while she and Paul are in Hong King to prove to Paul how important their marriage is to her.Diane waits at the diner. She spots Hope when she comes in and moves to talk to her. Victor wonders where Diane has gone and what she‘s up to.At the Glow House, Mac has flashbacks of Billy and Brittany making love and decides not to go to the New Year‘s Eve party after all.Jill catches Jack and Phyllis kissing in Jack‘s office. She demands to know what Phyllis is doing there. Jack convinces Phyllis to give him the name of an experienced webmaster whom he could hire for the Glow House, but when Jack calls to offer Jacob the position, he is turned down.