Ep. #7036

Season 28, Episode 191 -  Air Date: 12/26/2000
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Mac overhears Brock telling Kay about Billy‘s anonymous gift to the children at the shelter, a new computer and printer. Kay believes Mac‘s positive influence led to Billy‘s act of generosity. Mac tries to call Billy to wish him a Merry Christmas, but doesn‘t leave a message. Meanwhile, Billy and Brittany are exchanging Christmas gifts.Nikki and Victor agree that it would be best for them to spend Christmas apart. Sharon, who was hoping for family unity for Cassie‘s sake, is disappointed. Sharon is surprised to receive a Christmas card from Amy Wilson, whom she hasn‘t heard from since the devastating incident with Matt Clark. She‘s glad that Amy has been able to move on with her life.Jack and John share Brad and Ashley‘s joy as they celebrate little Abby‘s first Christmas.Matt asks Jordan when the next rave will be and asks him if he‘ll be needing any Ecstasy. Later, he fills Warton in, and Warton senses they are close to bringing Nick down.Chris blasts Mary for buying her a matern