Ep. #7035

Season 28, Episode 190 -  Air Date: 12/22/2000
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Brittany isn‘t happy to hear that Billy invited Mac to the party, but Billy insists he only did it as a favor to Raul. Meanwhile, Mac is ready to back out because she is concerned about Jill‘s presence. Jill gives Jack a hard time about inviting Mac to the party, certain that Mac somehow manipulated the situation as part of a ploy to get close to Billy again.Jack advises Jill to stop trying to choose Billy‘s friends for him. When Jack finds out that Jill invited Phillip, Jack agrees to let Phillip come if Jill backs down where Mac is concerned.Cassie is disappointed when Victor tells her that he won‘t be there for Christmas dinner. He asks Nick and Sharon if he can come over Christmas morning, explaining that it would make the holiday miserable for everyone if he and Nikki were there together.Nina decides to leave Phillip with a friend so she and Tomas can use their vacation time in Taos to resolve some of their problems. Tomas knows that Nina loves him, but wants to know if she wan